Thursday, August 20, 2015

Richard E. Hughes Wrote Hawkman

Richard E. Hughes was to The American Comics Group what Stan Lee was to Marvel Comics. Hughes edited all the ACG titles (such as Adventures into the Unknown and Forbidden Worlds and Unknown Worlds and Herbie) and, starting in 1957, he wrote just about every story the company published. The gentleman almost certainly worked under more pseudonyms than any other writer in the history of comics, names like Shane O'Shea and Zev Zimmer and about nine others.

Mr. Hughes began writing for comics at the dawn of the Golden Age in 1940's Thrilling Comics #1 and he began editing for ACG in 1943 (which would be his professional home for the next twenty-four years). But ACG abruptly stopped publishing in 1967.

Mr. Hughes was not quite ready to call an end to his career though so he crossed the street and wrote a few stories for DC Comics, starting with 1967's Jimmy Olsen #107. Bob Haney had been writing Hawkman but Hughes stepped in to write 1968's issues 23 and 24 and 25. In 1972 Hughes wrote a story for Ghosts #6. Richard E. Hughes passed away in 1974.


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