Saturday, April 12, 2014


Scribbly Jibbet is my favorite Sheldon Mayer creation. The Scribbly series from DC Comics ran for just fifteen issues back in the late 1940s and I started gobbling them up as back issues when I was a teenager. It was a few years later that I started grabbing issues of Mr. Mayer's better-known Sugar and Spike; it was a proud day for me as a collector when I completed my Sugar and Spike 98-issue run, but somehow I never did get a complete run of Scribbly...

This week I'm selling Scribbly #8 on ebay and I decided to check if any other sellers were also offering that issue. The search results gave me my biggest surprise so far this calendar year! Scribbly saw print in a couple issue of a Dell comic book before he ever appeared in any DC title!

In my search for Scribbly #8, a 1936 Dell issue named Popular Comics #8 popped up. I had never before heard of Popular but the seller had included "Early Scribbly" in his description. What a maroon, I thought to myself! This seller is a charlatan who knows nothing about comics, I smugly continued to myself. But the seller was correct (and you can read more details over here).

By the way, I never dreamed in a million years that DC would publish a Sugar and Spike Archives Edition. But they did. Let me go way out on a limb here and wish that DC will likewise publish a Scribbly Archives Edition. Before graduating to his own series, Scribbly appeared for years in All-American Comics (both with and without Ma Hunkel, The Red Tornado) and I haven't read those stories. But I would like to.


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most awesome! thank you for posting this, I am reposting on Sheldon Mayer and his Comics page on Facebook.... please feel free to join.


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