Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Earth Kirby

As you can read in this article, the Newsarama website feels that DC Comics should devote an entire world of its universe to the creations of Mr. Jack Kirby and that it should be called Earth Kirby. Great idea!

That same article mentions that DC has announced an upcoming ongoing new comic to be named Infinity Man and the Forever People. Hmmmmm.

All the gossip columnists and broadcasters like to toot their horns when one of their predictions come true, don't they? Back here I predicted that the not-yet-completed Forever Evil storyline would be the way DC brought The Forever People into current continuity, and that may yet prove to be correct. If you go ahead and read David Petti's comment over here you'll see that that gentleman and I are on the same page regarding this matter.

Anyway, The Forever People are very important to my personal history of comics (as I've written back here and numerous other times) and it will be nice to have them back again.


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