Thursday, August 15, 2013

Robbing the Forever People, or Heralding Them?

I have written before about how important 1970's Forever People #1 was to me personally, but I never mentioned how much I also like the logo. So simple, yet so distinctive! (Mark Evanier has been quoted as saying that he is fairly certain that the logo is the handiwork of Gaspar Saladino.)

The design got jazzed up a bit under the able nib of Todd Klein for the 1980s Paris Cullins miniseries.

Now take a look at the logo for DC Comics' upcoming Forever Evil miniseries.

Isn't that basically the same 'Forever' (although let's not talk about what they did to the V)? And doesn't "Forever Evil" even rhyme with "Forever People" in a cockeyed sort of way?

Jack Kirby's Fourth World creations of Mister Miracle and Orion of the New Gods have been making appearances in DC's New 52 universe, but The Forever People (and The Infinity Man) have not yet been sighted. Maybe, just maybe, is it possible that Forever Evil is designed to blast The Forever People into current continuity? We'll see!


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