Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Bruce Timm's Unnamed Kirby Character

Here's a beautiful drawing by Bruce Timm that I was fortunate enough to win on ebay a couple of years back. Isn't it spectacular? And I was able to attain it for a very reasonable sum, far less than a drawing by the gentleman of Batman or Harley Quinn would command.

I titled it "Kirby Character" when I posted it in my gallery on comicartfans.com, and I asked anybody with further information to please let me know. A well-informed chap named Tony Frickey wrote in to say "He was designed for a Fantastic Four project that never happened. Bruce Timm designed him but never named him."

Well, now that the artwork resides in The Hayfamzone Collection, I am in the driver's seat and I will bestow upon this character a name. Hereafter he will be known as... The Hayfamzonder.


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