Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jack Kirby's Superworld, with Astro-Chicks

Back in 1971 around the time Jack Kirby was creating the first issues of Spirit World and In The Days of the Mob, Mr. Kirby envisioned another black and white project for DC Comics. It was to be entitled Superworld, or maybe The Superworld of Everything.

The package would have contained comics work by Mr. Kirby, like a series about the Astro-Chicks.

Comics by other creators were to be included also, like I Am Gemini by Steve Ditko (larger version over here.)

There was to have been something in there by Harlan Ellison also. (You can read a little more of the history of Superworld over on this page.) Unfortunately the project did not get beyond the concept stage and all that exists to remind us of what might have been are a few wisps of smoke and a proposal flier that you see portions of above. Too bad!

But, if you can believe it, a copy of that flier is up for bid from Larry Shell on ebay this very minute, right over here.


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