Friday, July 19, 2013

Alex Toth, Illustrated and Isolated

Alex Toth, Illustrated and Alex Toth, Isolated are two big and beautiful art books devoted to one of the most stylistic comic book artists of all time. The titles and cover designs of the two books are so similar that at first I thought they were different editions of the same content, but no, they are entirely different and complementary volumes.

My first encounter with the artistry of Mr. Toth was the newsstand release of Hot Wheels #1 in 1970. I was just a kid at the time but it would be clear to anyone that what I saw was not like the artwork in other comic books. It has been my pleasure since then to investigate more and more of Mr. Toth's luxuriously economical drawings.

In these two books many pages of artwork are reproduced, some of them from the originals (in black and white) and others from the printed comics (in color). I recommend both books highly, and over here you can check if ebay has a deal for you on them. Good luck!


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