Monday, July 15, 2013

Art Baltazar's League of Super Pets

Of course everybody knows Krypto the Super-Dog, but how many of these other pets do you recognize in the above panel from the recent Superman Family Adventures #12?

Okay, I'll help you out.

Streaky the Super-Cat is Supergirl's friend.

Ace the Bat Hound has wings these days?

Super Turtle came from the fertile mind of Henry Boltinoff.

Topo the Octopus showed up grown up in Aquaman's comic book a month or two ago and this pet is no longer as cute as he appears above.

Kanga is (obviously) from Wonder Woman.

That little squirrel Green Lantern is Ch'p (and please don't say G'nort).

Dating back to 1940s issues of Funny Stuff is the Flash send-off known as The Terrific Whatzit (who was so beautifully drawn by Martin Naydel those many decades ago).

And hmmm, Atomic Mouse seems to be on loan from Charlton Comics.

Many thanks to Art Baltazar for a drawing as fun as this one!

And did you hear that Art and Franco have received a Harvey Award nomination for their work on S.F.A.?


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