Tuesday, July 02, 2013

My Fascination with Comic Book News

News relating to the world of comic books is my favorite kind of news.

In late 1972/early 1973 I received my first subscription issue (#19) of The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom and I got my first taste of comic book news from Murray Bishoff's Now What? column. Around the same time I started getting Jim Steranko's excellent ComixScene, and not long after I was so pleased to discover The Comic Reader. I wanted to know everything about the upcoming comics and those publications were my means to that end!

These days newsarama.com is my main source of information, but I got a blast from the past when reading yesterday's New York Times. The headline screamed out at me: Vertigo, a DC Brand, is Rebuilding with 6 New Series. Was the daily newspaper actually informing me of some comic book news that I did not already know?

Well, no. It turns out I knew about those new series already, but still.I like it when comics get some press coverage for something other than sensationalizing the death of a long-running character (who will be resuscitated in fairly short order anyway). The article presented the above photo of Vertigo Executive Editor Shelley Bond, and you can read it for yourself over here.


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