Sunday, July 07, 2013

Two Famous (?) Batman Songs

By now you've heard that DC Comics will be winking at a past age by publishing Batman '66. If they are so anxious to embrace a bygone era I would prefer that it be the Golden Age of Comics, but so be it.

To ballyhoo the publication of the first digital issue of Batman '66, DC posted an article listing other DC-centric events that took place in the real world in the year 1966. Two of the items they post refer allegedly then-popular Batman songs that I have never previously heard one whisper about. So I had to investigate.

The Riddler was sung by Frank Gorshin and written by Mel Torme, and you can hear it here. Interesting.

Batman and His Grandmother was by Dickie Goodman, and you can listen to that one over here. Also interesting.

(I hasten to emphasize that when I say "interesting" I do not mean "good.")

And while we're exploring those Dark Ages we might as well watch Batman himself as he dances the Batusi.

Excuse me now while I run screaming back into the future.


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