Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yeah Brains and The Boozy Afghan Elm

Did you realize that Lois Enigma is an anagram of Gail Simone? No. After all, who would?! So when I saw "Lois Enigma" tweeted yesterday I realized that there must be an online anagram-maker to construct something like that. And yes, there certainly is. In the interest of science I decided to take it for a spin.

Maybe you wondered what the title of this article could possibly have been referring to? Yeah Brains is an anagram of Brian Hayes and Boozy Afghan Elm is a reworking of Hayfamzone Blog. As if there weren't enough ways to waste time on the internet.

Now let's put this anagrammer to work on something important. When I input Jack Kirby, I get Kick By Jar. That's not so great. Try Jacob Kurtzberg instead and one output is Czar Bob Trek Jug. Hm.

You can test out the function for yourself over here.


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