Monday, April 21, 2014

Jack Kirby's Jacob and the Angel Statue

Do you own the Jacob and the Angel statue? I do not.

Cast in pewter in 1989, limited to 2500, and based on Jack Kirby's below-shown Jacob and the Angel drawing, the piece is a difficult find these days. (Here is the story behind the statue.) My statue collecting didn't begin in earnest until a year or two after this item's release so it slipped by under my radar back in the day. I came thisclose to winning one on ebay last week.

I'll keep trying.


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Dave Ryan said...

I purchased one on Ebay in Nov 2006 for 20.00, plus shipping. You can see a full-page ad prior to its release in COMICS JOURNAL 134, Feb 1990. That makes clear what is in the complete set, a pewter statue 5.5 inches high, a 17 X 22" art print, and a certificate of authenticity. "Limited to 2,500 copies, at a suggested retail price of 229.00".

I got the statue alone, no certificate, no art print, but at least I have that much. I probably got it so cheap because it isn't complete. I'd love to have the art print too, but the few I've seen are prohibitively ridiculous in price.


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