Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jack Kirby Artwork for a Million Dollars

I never before today came across the above Jack Kirby splash page to one of the monster stories in Marvel's 1961 Strange Tales #96, but I definitely like it. Maybe you notice the similarity to Mr. Kirby's cover to Fantastic Four #1 from the same year, what with a horned monster from below outstretching his arm.

The owner of the page noticed the similarity and is capitalizing on it to the max. He is selling the page on ebay for a firm $1,000,000. Maybe the artwork to the actual FF #1 might draw the million, but this page? Probably not. A slight irony is that I feel the above drawing is better composed and more interesting than the FF cover.

While it lasts you can view the auction for the artwork over here.



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