Monday, April 21, 2014

C2E2 is Coming, Gentle Carmel

The annual C2E2 comic book convention will be this coming weekend right here in Chicago and of course I will be in attendance. No, there won't be a Hafamzone Panel this year (but look over here for a reminder of how much fun that was two years ago), but please do step up and say hello; you'll know me because I'm the tall one.

There was one interesting item from last year's C2E2 that I never got around to mentioning and I'll remedy that right this minute.

I am always looking for the next great thing and here's one time that I got more than I bargained for. I was drawn to the table where the graphic novel Gentle Carmel, Into the Black Dumb was displayed. This is like no other graphic novel I have ever seen, and you can inspect some sample pages up above. I chatted with writer/artist Brian Schrank and complimented him on his unusual achievement. The 146-page full-color squarebound edition is very reasonably priced at Or, after you read what Mr. Schrank has to say about his project over here you can download the book as a pdf file for FREE!


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