Friday, June 29, 2012

Michael Uslan was the Boy Who Loved Batman

Michael Uslan has served as the producer of all six Batman movies in the last three decades (of course a certain 1966 jokefest is not included among these six). Long before he was a movie producer he was a comic book fan, and he is even known for having taught a college course on the mythology of comic books.

Well I just read this morning that Mr. Uslan will be speaking at a college campus not too far from stately Hayfamzone Manor. Maybe I'll mosey on over there so I can report on the proceedings to all my loyal hayfamzonders, that's what I said to myself. I looked at the details and saw that the presentation is scheduled to be held... yesterday. You see, I was reading a two-day-old newspaper.

I told you a couple of years ago that I read three daily newspapers. That used to be five but I'm back down to my core of three after having jettisoned the two boutique publications. Yes I do read all three but on some rare occasions, due to pressing matters that squirm their way to the top of the to-do list, there is a slight delay. (A certain individual with a natural maternal instinct used to bellow Throw them away It's old news! but that's just not my way.)

So I missed seeing Michael Uslan in person. But I nonetheless do have a report for you. Here is the newspaper article that told me of his coming, and it points out that Mr. Uslan has written a book entitled The Boy Who Loved Batman. And here is an article that tells how the presentation went; it appears Mr. Uslan was the one responsible for selecting Jack Nicholson to play The Joker for Tim Burton!

But wait, there's more. Back in the 1970s Michael Uslan had an unusual involvement with a comics fanzine that had a very limited print run. Mr. Uslan and I may be the only two people in the world with a recollection of it but I have a copy of that fanzine. Somewhere. I'm off to go searching through the caverns for it now and I'll be back to continue this report when I find the smoking gun.


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