Sunday, June 24, 2012

Channeling Bill Elder

Bill Elder comics were fun comics. I live-tweeted each of the many times an artist mentioned Bill Elder's name during last month's Comics Philosophy and Practice conference, and now something has brought him to my mind. Which is excellent! Not many things in modern-day comics have a Bill Elder vibe about them, but I instantly thought of that man's great artwork when I saw Italian artist Arturo Lozzi's cover to the new Harbinger #1.

I've been silent until now about the recent revivals of two companies from bygone decades. The new Atlas Comics and the new Valiant Comics have underwhelmed me, but Harbinger #1 from Valiant has forced me to sit up and take notice. The cover hooked me in and then the interior artwork by Khari Evans struck a cool Alex Nino chord in me. Plus, the Joshua Dysart script is intriguing and well-paced. I will continue checking out future issues of Harbinger.

And I hope each of you will check out the artwork of Bill Elder.


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