Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Last summer I went for a drive. It was a hot day so I had the air conditioner on and the windows closed. As I parked and opened the door, a butterfly came fluttering out of the back seat and ventured off into the warm sky. Isn't that a peaceful, placid little nature note about an unexpected stowaway? No it is not! I was mortified!

The more I thought about it, the worse I felt. Though inadvertently, I was responsible for separating that beautiful creature from its family! How would it ever find its way back to its home base? Does anybody else in the world ever think about this kind of thing? 

I am conscious of the matter and go out of my way not to let anything like that happen again. Last weekend I was raking some leaves off the patio in the back yard (that's correct, leaves keep falling year-round in the hayfamzone). As I raked the leaves into a large pile I noticed some innocent earwigs waddling away from the pile. Worried that there might be more little guys in that pile that hadn't found their way out yet and not wanting to displace them like I had done to the butterfly last year, I let the pile sit for a few minutes before picking up the leaves.


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