Friday, July 31, 2020

Superhombre in 1963 and 1944 and 1985

Maybe you own a copy of the comic below and never even noticed the weird quirk enlarged above!

1963's #304 is the only issue of Adventure Comics with the "Superman/Superhombre" logo, so what's up with that? I have the answer. DC printed that logo on exactly one comic in 1963 to be able to renew their trademark for "Superhombre."

The same logo (including the same drawing of Superman) appeared two decades earlier in 1944/1945 on the cover of an ashcan comic that is quite rare and quite valuable.

The logo has shown up one more time, in 1985 on a variant cover of Superman #409. Very few copies of this variant are believed to exist and one copy of it sold in 2014 for about $2000!


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