Friday, July 03, 2020

Segways and Comics

Segways are cancelled. After a 20-year production run, the vehicles will no longer be manufactured. Have you ever seen one? I saw one just yesterday on a Chicago sidewalk! Have you ever ridden one? A few years ago I participated in a one-hour training tour because I was curious. So what exactly were Segways?

First sold in 2001,  Segways were two-wheeled personal transportation vehicles that required balance and coordination on the part of the rider. Inventor Dean Kamen is the mastermind behind the Segway. That's Mr. Kamen out for a spin in the above photo, and down below the gentleman was testifying before the United States Congress on the subject of science education.

Scratching your head? How exactly does all this tie in with comic books? Get ready!

Dean Kamen is the son of Jack Kamen! That's right, Jack Kamen the 1950s comic book artist! (And, as a hayfamzone bonus, over here you can view some of the advertising artwork drawn by the elder Mr. Kamen after he left the comics industry.)

1955 cover by Jack Kamen


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