Monday, June 01, 2020

Len Wein Drew Comic Books

Of course Len Wein is mainly known for his decades of service as a writer of comic books. Oh, how I looked forward to each issue of his Swamp Thing back in the 1970s! The gentleman also put in a good amount of time as an editor of comics (maybe a little something called Watchmen might ring a bell?).

But how many of you knew that Mr. Wein also drew comic books? Just as I thought, very few hands went up. But it's true!

One of the just two comics stories that the gentleman drew was a 4-pager entitled "Walk the Plank" that appeared in Grimm's Ghost Stories #9 from Gold Key in 1973.  (The Grand Comics Database originally mis-credited Rich Buckler and Dan Green as the ones who drew the story!)

I like the artwork quite a bit and I hope you do also:


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