Friday, May 01, 2020

Mystery Artist Revealed!

Comic Book the Movie was released in 2004. Conceived of and directed by Mark Hamill, the scripted film featured cameos by Stan Lee and Kevin Smith and Bruce Timm and many others from the comics world.

Very interesting to me was the poster for the movie. Take a look at it up above. On-target caricatures of Mr. Hamill and Mr. Lee, right? I was impressed by the artwork and could not figure out who drew it. There is no signature on the poster and no matter what source I investigated, the identity of the artist remained hidden from me. Wikipedia? Nothing. Imdb? No dice. How do I always manage to get sucked into black holes of unanswerable questions?

But it turns out this question does have an answer. I expressed my exasperation to loyal hayfamzonder Joe Lenius and then that gentleman took up the torch on the quest for that knowledge. He was relentless and left no stone unturned in his search! There were wrong guesses by some along the way, like Todd Nauck and Terry Austin and European Artist, but Joe kept on charging through facebook until he got the answer from the artist himself! From the artist who had done "All of it. pencils, inks, colors!" and that artist is...

Dan Panosian!

The movie poster is a great piece of artwork and I just wish Mr. Panosian could get the credit he deserves for it. So I wrote this article!


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