Sunday, March 22, 2020

Stargirl, not Stargirl

Geoff Johns began writing comics in 1999-2000 and his earliest credits were JSA and also Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.; the latter was a startup comic featuring Stargirl as a continuation of the story of The Star Spangled Kid, a character who got his start in Star Spangled Comics back in the Golden Age of Comics. It's quite doubtful that Mr. Johns ever foresaw his Stargirl going on to star in her own television show. Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. ended its fifteen issue run in the middle of the year 2000.

Geoff Johns then went on to find great success as a comics writer, finding great acclaim on such venerated series as The Justice Society and The Flash and Teen Titans. I feel his run on Green Lantern contains the most excellent issues of that often-great series.

Fast-forward through the years and all the TV success DC has had, and 2020 sees the announcement that Mr. Johns' Stargirl character will star in her own CW Network series this spring. Great news!

But then what starts appearing but commercials on television for some new movie entitled Stargirl. Huh?

This Disney Stargirl has nothing to do with the DC Stargirl. Coincidences do happen in the comics world (such as how The X-Men at Marvel and The Doom Patrol at DC began their series practically simultaneously in the early 1960s, and likewise how Swamp Thing at DC and Man-Thing at Marvel premiered almost at the same moment in the early 1970s), but I'm fairly certain Geoff Johns' jaw dropped when he first heard of this out-of-the-blue Stargirl other than his. Even my jaw dropped!


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