Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Numerous Jam Commissions of Martin L. Greim

A few weeks back I wrote about and showed the above drawing of Superman, the only known teaming of penciller Curt Swan and inker Wally Wood. I wrote that the artwork was commissioned by a fan whose identity I did not know. Then I received some information in the mail!

Mark Evanier let me know that the mystery fan was in fact Martin L. Greim. How about that! I knew the name and maybe you do also. Fan artist and writer Martin Greim was well-known in the 1960s and 1970s for publishing his Comic Crusader fanzine and in the early 1980s he crossed the threshhold into professional comicdom when he created Thunderbunny. Mr. Evanier published this obituary for Mr. Greim a few years back.

Mark's message to me included further information. It turns out that the oblong-shaped drawing containing the Swan/Wood Superman centerpiece was but one of SIX comics-artist-jam-drawings that were commissioned by Martin Greim! It seems as if this was the gentleman's collecting motif. I did just a little bit of digging and it is my pleasure to share with you the complete slate of Jam Commissions of Martin L. Greim. Please enjoy!


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