Thursday, January 23, 2020

Fred Hembeck and his Re-Creations

Where else but in a Fred Hembeck drawing could you enjoy the treat of seeing Sugar and Spike and Scribbly Jibbett and The (original) Red Tornado and The Three Mouseketeers all together in one scene?! I'm very glad that some comics fan commissioned Fred to construct the above homage to the great Sheldon Mayer featuring so many of that gentleman's wonderful characters!

As I mentioned before back at the dawn of The Hayfamzone Blog, once upon a time I myself commissioned the irrepressible and indefatigable Mr. Hembeck to draw in his inimitable style versions of two excellent Jack Kirby covers, 1970's The Forever People #1 (my single favorite comic book of all time) and 1974's The Sandman #1.

And you can see plenty more of Fred's fun artwork over at!


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