Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Watchmen? THE Watchmen?

Watchmen again.

When I read some months ago that HBO would present a Watchmen series I (naturally?) assumed that the new series would be a retelling of the 1980s comic book classic by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, just like the 2009 Watchmen film was. Watchmen is Watchmen, right?

But not this time.

It turns out that this new Watchmen series is a sequel to the original series. But I have a problem with the naming then. After all, Watchmen is Watchmen. Couldn't the title of the new series have been New Watchmen or Watchmen II or even The Watchmen? (In my youth I was confused for years before I realized that Invisible Man and The Invisible Man were entirely different literary works. That The makes a world of difference!)

Anyway, I haven't see any episodes of the new series yet because I don't have access to HBO. I hear good things though and I will definitely catch it when there is a DVD release and I'll let you know my impression then. To be continued!


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