Sunday, September 15, 2019

Some Nice Shazam!

1952's Whiz Comics #148 was the first Golden Age comic I ever owned, so (The Original) Captain Marvel is very important to me. I was trepidatious when I learned there would be a Shazam movie and even more so when I saw that the poster for the movie featured a bubble gum bubble-blowing Captain Marvel.

This weekend I finally got around to watching the movie on DVD and I needn't have worried. Although there are a few things about the movie I did not like, there were a number of things that I liked quite a bit. No spoilers here but, if you've ever been a fan of The Big Red Cheese, you should definitely see the film.

I do want to share with you the barebones-animated end credits. They crackle with a fun energy and you'll see that Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman and even Aquaman make cameo appearances (and that does NOT count as a spoiler!).


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