Sunday, January 05, 2020

Jack Kirby's First DC Cover

Up until 1971 I had never heard of The Newsboy Legion or The Guardian. But that year all the DC Comics jumped from 36 pages for fifteen cents to 52 pages for twenty-five cents, and the editors filled up those extra pages with prime Golden Age reprints that opened up the World of Comics to me and countless other fans. The first Newsboy Legion story from 1941's Star Spangled Comics #7 was reprinted in September 1971's Jimmy Olsen #141, and even the above cover was reprinted on an interior page of that Jimmy issue.

The original artwork to this cover (annotated at the bottom with "from the collection of [Batman artist and Joker co-creator] Jerry Robinson") has shown up on the internet and it is definitely worth a look! This was Jack Kirby's first cover for DC Comics, and the gentleman would draw so many more covers for that company over the subsequent forty years! Hooray for Jack Kirby!


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