Wednesday, February 05, 2020

A New Jack Kirby Comic in February 2020!

I am ready for a new Jack Kirby comic book!

On Valentines Day 2020 the first issue of Soul Love will be printed! At long last! Fifty years later than originally intended! The writing and drawing of these stories by Jack Kirby were completed back in 1971 and Soul Love was intended as a companion publication to Spirit World and In the Days of the Mob. The latter two comics saw print from Hampshire Dist. Ltd. (which was DC Comics in all but name) but the plug was pulled before Soul Love was published.

Mr. Kirby designed the cover for Soul Love and drew the ink-wash drawing shown below. TwoMorrows Publications hired Alex Ross to paint a finalized version and above you can see the cover as it will be printed this month.

Now here is the crucial part of this news: if you want a copy of Soul Love #1 you must act N O W! The comic will be available only directly from TwoMorrows and the print run is being limited to 200 (two hundred) copies. Whoa! I ordered mine as soon as I heard about the project and you can do the same over here. I hope you're not too late to land a copy!


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