Friday, July 17, 2020

Jack Kirby's Infinity Man

I was a huge fan of Jack Kirby's Fourth World and The Infinity Man was one of the most mysterious characters in that realm. The five Forever People had to band together to be whisked away and replaced by The Infinity Man. So fun!

Nobody talks about black light posters these days but they were a bit of a thing in the 1970s. I owned a black light bulb and a few of the posters. I seem to recall there were far more Marvel-oriented than there were DC-oriented posters, but please enjoy the above Infinity Man black light poster.

I have never owned a page of Jack Kirby original artwork that featured Infinity Man, but take a look at the original splash page below that I do own. From 1991's New Gods #25 it's Infinity Man by Steve Erwin and Will Blyberg.

Hooray for Jack Kirby and his Infinity Man!


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