Friday, July 18, 2014

Miss Idaho is Wonder Woman

The headline earlier today in The Drudge Report told how beauty queen Sierra Sandison from Idaho (who happens to be diabetic) visibly wore her insulin pump during a swimsuit competition, but my eyes were drawn to the fact that the young lady was wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt in the above image that was on the Drudge page. What a great statement!

Interestingly, the source article that Drudge links to uses the same photo but with the Wonder Woman logo and the Miss Idaho sash and the insulin pump cropped out, as you can see below. U.K. newspaper The Telegraph credits the image as a Facebook photo, and I guess Telegraph readers should consider themselves fortunate that the paper bothered to include a photograph at all. But the way they butchered the heart out of that picture would tend to make me suspicious about what other editorial decisions are being made at The Telegraph.


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