Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Dave Dorman Interviewed on Chicago Television

Have you heard? There will be a George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.  

Mr. Lucas's home territory of California had been thought of as the leading contender for the site of the museum but last week it was announced that the location of the project will be Mr. Lucas's wife's hometown of Chicago.

Dave Dorman has painted plenty of Star Wars pieces over the decades and public television newshour Chicago Tonight wisely decided to interview Mr. Dorman on the occasion of the Museum announcement. It turns out that the art collection of Mr. Lucas includes one or a few Norman Rockwell originals and over five dozen Dave Dorman paintings!

Does "Narrative Art" translate as readily into 'comic book' for you as it does for me? I had my fingers crossed though the entire Dave Dorman interview hoping that that gentleman would mention comics and there! He did! You can watch the interview for yourself over here. (And then you'll definitely want to read ComicBookWife over here to get Mrs. Dorman's behind the scenes revelations about the interview!)

(By the way, the interviewer's name is Phil Ponce. A few years back Mr. Ponce mistakenly mispronounced on the air the name of a former Chicago mayor and I wrote in to apprise him of his error. You can watch a video of Mr. Ponce's on-air reading of my tough-love correction right over here.)


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