Friday, May 16, 2014

The Eyes of the Watcher

Original Sin is the latest "Event" at Marvel Comics. I own the first issue but haven't read it yet.

To promote the Event, your Local Comic Shop might have for you a (glow-in-the-dark?) superball that purports to be the eye of The Watcher.

Do you realize that the free comic books on Free Comic Book Day are free to the patrons but must be paid for by the comic shop? These eyeballs, on the other hand, have been provided to the stores by Marvel for free. The bags that contain 25 eyeballs are relatively heavy and Marvel even paid the postage.

Back when I used to rent VHS videotapes from a shop near my home, the owner used to opine to me that when a tape arrived in a fancily decorated box it usually signalled to him that the movie itself was a stinker. I'm not sure why that anecdote came to my mind just now.


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