Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Superman's Back in the Art Gallery

I took a ride down to the University of Illinois in Urbana over the weekend and I stopped in to stroll through the President's Art Gallery. Wouldn't you know there was a photo of the Metropolis, Illinois Superman statue hanging in the gallery show?

The motif of all the photos in Mr. Alejandro Lugo's show was seeing something from behind, and that's the reason for the vantage point shown in the statue's photo. 

I hope you caught the two different meanings of the title I selected for this article. Playing with language is always great fun for me!


UPDATE ON 5/29/2014
Professor Lugo himself has written the following to me:
Thanks for your email about your visit to my photo exhibit. I also appreciated your use of the double meaning of "Superman's Back" in the title to your entry. I've always hoped that my work will inspire more creativity! Here's the link to the gallery exhibit itself:


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