Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Just imagine a comic book from Fantagraphics in which the artist pays tribute in equal thirds of the comic's pages to Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby and Wally Wood. Doesn't that sound interesting?

This is exactly what artist Sergio Ponchione has cooked up in his one-shot entitled DKW which was released last week. I have not yet come across a copy of DKW but I'm working on it and I will report back about it after I have the comic in my hands.

In the meantime let's relish some various pairings from among that trio of stellar craftsmen.
Here is a Stalker page penciled by Ditko and inked by Wood (with lettering by Ben Oda):

and here's a Challengers of the Unknown page penciled by Kirby and inked by Wood:

and here is Dr. Droom penciled by Kirby and inked by Ditko:


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