Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Irv Novick Inked by Neal Adams?

It is unmistakably clear to me that the Superboy figure in the above cover to 1967's Superboy #154 is the handiwork of Neal Adams. Has nobody noticed this before?

Of course Mr. Adams was responsible for inking a handful of covers by each of Jack Kirby and Curt Swan back in the Silver Age. Those collaborations were a bit jarring in their own ways but I've gotten used to them over the decades. My realization about the above cover, on the other hand, occurred just this week so it hasn't had a chance to sink in yet.

The Grand Comics Database incorrectly credits the penciling and inking of the cover entirely to Irv Novick. I agree that the other five figures on the page are indeed pencilled and inked by Mr. Novick, but not the Superboy figure. As to whether Adams inked Novick pencils on that character or whether Adams penciled and inked the character, I am unable to say with certainty. The red boots may be inked and/or penciled by Novick, but knees and above we have Adams. Take a look at Superboy's legs and the right arm and see if you can deny what I'm saying!

There was an instance of Mr. Adams redrawing a Novick Batman cover, but the Superboy cover above is an even more unique juxtaposition (or blending) of the two gentlemen's talents.

When I have a chance I will write a little note over to the Neal Adams Facebook page and see if any recollection can be mined.

UPDATE: You can find out over here if Nick Caputo agrees with me about this cover.


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