Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Tour of Jack Kirby's Long Island Home

Let's take a moment to recap.

The above photo that I've shown before displays a package sent in 1968 from Stan Lee to Jack Kirby at his Long Island home. Hayfamzone Blog reader Bob Buethe investigated and found an interesting tidbit that I related back here. Then I encouraged Bob to snap a photo of the East Williston homestead so that I and everyone who visits The Hayfamzone could get a look-see.

It turns out that Bob did way better than snap a photo. He found a real estate website that offers a photo tour of 367 Congress Avenue! Let's start off with the front yard:

And here are some interior shots:

And here are the back porch and the back yard:

The real estate website listing with even more detail is over here. Maybe you're as surprised as I am at how much information is available if you know where to look. As Bob wrote to me, "There's very little privacy anymore since the Internet. OMAC's 'world that's coming' is here." Indeed!


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