Friday, January 10, 2014

Jack Kirby's Boy Commandos Model Sheets

Tom Morehouse is the proprietor of the kirbykrypt over on ebay and sometimes he offers some very unique items relating to Mr. Jack Kirby. For example, I believe I had never before seen these model sheets that were drawn by Mr. Kirby (and which were displayed at the Fumetto Art Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2010). Tom explains the sheets as follows:
Knowing he was going off to fight, Kirby drew the 1943 sheet for the DC artists who would be filling in for he and Joe Simon as a facial reference of the characters. You may notice that the character ALFY (2nd line down) has had that name erased and replaced with TEX (who replaced Alfy in the post war line-up) indicating this sheet was still in use when Jack came back to the strip in 1946. That's when he drew the full figures reference sheet to assist the DC artists working on the feature which was by then appearing in three different titles (Boy Commandos, Detective Comics, World's Finest).
One of the main artists to draw the strip during Mr. Kirby's absence was Curt Swan, by the way. You can enter the kirbykrypt for yourself right over here.


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