Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Howard Stern as Ant-Man?

I clock in at a height of 6 feet 6 inches, though I've never before had occasion to mention it here on The Hayfamzone Blog. My height is just perfect for me, though,  and I revel in it.

This morning on the radio, 6 foot 5 inch Howard Stern said that he many times when he was younger wished that he was not so tall. I found that interesting.

Also Howard said that he came close to playing Ant-Man on the big screen. This was a few years back and Howard had discussions with Stan Lee. Stan was going to write an original screenplay to serve as a vehicle for Howard, and they just needed to pinpoint what Marvel character would get the nod. Howard wanted to zero in on a relatively obscure hero that the public would have no expectations about, and he and Stan settled on Ant-Man. Howard was also drawn to Ant-Man because the shrinking powers would be a sort of wish fulfillment from his childhood. All well and good but Stan and Howard both got busy and nothing ever came of their brainstorm.

You can hear the audio of this portion of today's Stern Show over here. (Batman and Superman find their way into the discussion also, but please be aware that the audio is not G-rated.)


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