Sunday, January 26, 2014

Corroboration from Nick Caputo

Back here I told about an epiphany I had earlier this week about the cover of 1969's Superboy #154. As certain as I was about my assertion regarding artists Irv Novick and Neal Adams, still I felt it might be a good idea to write to comic art expert Nick Caputo to see what he thought. Here's what Nick wrote back:

Hi Brian,

I certainly see Adams in the Superboy figure. I'm not entirely certain about the face, which may be Novick, but clearly the pen line and inking on his body is that of Adams. I never noticed this before either. I'm impressed!

I will correct this on the GCD and credit you with the info.

Nick Caputo

It feels pretty good when an expert tells you you're correct!

Over the years I've submitted a handful of corrections to the Grand Comics Database but Nick has indexeded thousands of entries for that wonderful site. He and I both submitted a correction regarding the superb Mike Sekowsky Metal Men cover shown above (and you can read those corrections for yourself in the GCD Indexer's Notes over here).

Nick has written for The Jack Kirby Collector and Ditkomania, and I have been learning a great deal from his blog which you can study for yourself right over here.

And be sure to take a peek at the freshly updated Indexer's Notes on the GCD page for Superboy #154, over here.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Nick Caputo said...


You've been more then generous with your compliments. I enjoy giving credit to artists, writers, inkers, and everyone else, including letterers and colorists whenever possible, as well as correcting my own errors. It's an ongoing process that I'll continue to do as long as I'm around.

Thanks again for the kind words and the enjoyable blog.


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