Friday, August 17, 2012

Everybody Hates Comiclink?

Possibly the most popular article ever to appear in The Hayfamzone Blog is the one entitled "I Hate Comiclink." First published in March of 2011, it has garnered more published comments than any other Hfz article. Maybe you want to take another look at that story over here.

Well, guess what? I've come up with a new reason for us to hate Comiclink! I just found out that they also sell original artwork by consignment. As if they weren't already raking in enough cash by anonymously selling all those slabbed comic books, you can also anonymously buy premium artwork from them and help them fill their coffers with a hefty commission charge. Yes, they do offer some fabulous artwork (like a 1948 Joe Kubert Hawkman page that I am (sniff) no longer able to show you). You can find out more about their art auctions over here.


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