Friday, March 09, 2012

Aw Yeah, Art Baltazar!

Art Baltazar is great. Poth Jeanette and Prince Catt and I have had the pleasure of chatting with him in the Artists Alley of a number of different conventions for a number of years. And Mr. B was the subject of one of my earliest blog articles, over five years ago! Above is a picture I took at the first C2E2 convention back in 2010, and the picture down yonder shows some of the paintings the gent was displaying that day (and don't worry! He told me he didn't mind me taking the picture).

I just heard today that Tiny Titans is being cancelled. That is a big, steaming drag. Month in and month out for four years, tt (not to be confused with TT which is reserved in many people's minds for the Teen Titans) was one of my favorite comics in the pile. I remember that I got such a kick out it the first time Hoppy the Marvel Bunny appeared (without even being identified by name). Oh well. I know the upcoming Superman Family project will be great also.

Not one to squander his social networking connections, Mr. B is giving his online friends quite a bit of content lately. He publishes a daily online newsletter entitled Aw Yeah News! and he also presents The Aw Yeah Podcast with Art & Franco. Somebody's keeping busy!

What's that? You say you'd like to see more of Mr. B's artwork? Okay, okay, I'll give you another look at the little paintings that I have hanging in my gallery room. And whenever you want you can do a google search and see as much artwork as you'd like. Aw yeah!


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