Friday, February 17, 2012

Alan Moore, Editor and Publisher

Alan Moore wrote some great comic books in the 1980s and some good ones in the 1990s.

For many years now, though, his curmudgeonliness has been more prominent to this observer than his writerliness. Especially with DC Comics recently announcing plans of publishing Before Watchmen, statements and videos from a disgruntled Alan Moore seem to be as plentiful in the universe as atoms of hydrogen.

But wait, here's a tidbit you may not know about the man.

Mr. Moore is the editor and publisher of his very own magazine, entitled Dodgem Logic. Issue 5 (dated August-September 2010) has a few pages of comics (including one page by frequent Moore collaborator Kevin O'Neill), but it is not a comic book. Rather it is a handsomely designed magazine devoted to whatever topics Mr. Moore deems worthy, "colliding ideas to see what happens" as the cover blurb on the first issue proclaims.

If you already knew about Dodgem Logic, congratulations for having your finger on the pulse of pop culture. If on the other hand this all comes as news to you, well hey, that's what The Hayfamzone Blog is here for! Here is the magazine's home page, and let's check if ebay has an issue of Dodgem Logic for you over here.


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