Friday, March 09, 2012

This Garbage Can Attacked Me!

The garbage can pictured above looks like one of the sedate, well-behaved ones. Don't let it fool you with that act he puts on! It's like when you watch Boris Karloff singing and dancing on The Red Skelton Show and you just know that's not the real Boris Karloff.* Sure, the can above is nonchalantly resting against that building, but you're seeing it only after I had pushed up to that perch following its ATTACK on me!

Last week it was windy in Chicago for a couple of days. Really, really windy. I was side-by-side with my car in a parking lot when I heard a loud scraping on the ground. I turned around to see that sinister receptacle, on its side, coming directly toward me along a straight line. My immediate thought was, "I'm in a movie, and this is a special effect." It was as if I were Magneto or Cosmic Boy and I was summoning the object toward me with my amazing powers. The garbage can gently kissed my car's rear  bumper and the director yelled "Cut!" As I righted it and pushed it back, I noted that the garbage can was heavier and more solid than I would have thought and I realized that it might have done a little damage if that killer wind had been pushing it along just a bit more swiftly.

* Many thanks to Ralph Kramden for the Red Skelton corker.


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