Saturday, March 10, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce. . . Harry Mendryk

Harry Mendryk and I have never met in person but we have been web-acquainted for a number of years. I first learned of Harry by name when I stumbled across his wonderful Simon and Kirby Blog. He posts there once a week and I learn something from him every single time (such as how to easily spot when a Golden Age lettering job was the handiwork of Mr. Howard Ferguson). Harry told me after the fact that he and I had bid against each other on ebay for this 1974 production art to Jack Kirby's Sandman #1 cover.

You may have some of Harry's work in your possession and not have realized it. He has gained due acclaim for his Photoshop work reconstructing the color art for beautiful reprint editions of Golden Age comics and also of some Silver Age comics. You can find his name on the credits page of The Simon and Kirby Library of Crime and The Jack Kirby Omnibus Volume I and many other books.

Along the way Harry became very close friends with comics legend Joe Simon, and readers of Harry's blog have been treated to many unusual artifacts they would not have been able to see anyplace else. For example, the artwork gracing the top of this article was drawn by Mr. Simon for his high school yearbook! To see more drawings in that same series or to see hundreds of other interesting items and articles, I encourage you to visit The Simon and Kirby Blog. It's right over here.


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