Friday, May 26, 2017

Mutt & Jeff ? Sheldon Mayer Did It Again !

Mutt & Jeff #1, Summer 1939

I've been known to enjoy a few Mutt & Jeff comics over the years (and those two characters were certainly the inspirations for The Fox and The Crow, one of my favorite comics series of all time!). Mutt & Jeff enjoyed a respectable 20-year run over at DC Comics, with 103 issues published spanning the decades from 1939 to 1958.

But this week I learned some thing about Mutt & Jeff comics that I never knew and never would even have suspected: all 103 of their covers were drawn by the great Sheldon Mayer! Yes! The creator/writer/artist of Sugar & Spike and Scribbly (another couple of my favorites) drew the above cover for the first issue and the below cover of the last issue and also the 101 issues in between! Who knew?

(P.S. After all this talk of Mutt & Jeff you'll certainly want to take another look at my own Mutton Jeff comic strip, which you can do right over here.)

Mutt & Jeff #103, June 1958


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