Monday, January 28, 2013

Sheldon Mayer Drew Batman?

Sheldon Mayer is probably best known for his wonderful Sugar and Spike series, but please don't minimize his importance in the realm of superheroes. He was, after all, the DC Comics editor who in the 1930s yanked Superman out of the rejection pile! He even created Black Orchid for Adventure Comics in 1973 but, more interesting to me, Mr. Mayer took a couple of swings at writing and drawing Batman in the 1970s/1980s.

Above are some penciled pages by the gentleman that never made it to print; you'll find larger versions to investigate over here. There was even a proposed tabloid-sized All-New Collector's Edition in 1980 featuring Batman and The Joker in a story to have been titled "The Face of The Grim Reaper" but that also did not get published; original vellum pages are available on ebay at the time of this writing and, while it lasts, here is a link to some of that artwork.


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