Monday, October 20, 2014

Batman Stamps

Yesterday I went to the post office and asked about a fruit and vegetable stamp design that I saw posted on the wall. The lady said she didn't have that one but she had just received the Batman stamps. Whoa! That's right in my bailiwick, ma'am!

The sheet of stamps features four different drawings. The top Batman is a recent Jim Lee figure, while the second row is a Neal Adams beauty from the 1970s that I've always liked. The third drawing by Dick Sprang (whom my son and I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of decades ago, as you can read in "Related Postscript Number Three" over here) is, to me, misidentified as "Silver Age Batman;" I would classify that figure instead as "Late Golden Age Batman" and reserve the Silver Age designation for a Carmine Infantino interpretation that is sadly not represented in this set. Rounding out the stamp collection is Bob Kane's "Early Golden Age Batman."

I very much like the inclusion of the Bat Signal stickers and it leads me to wonder whether this release marks the first time that a sheet of stamps includes non-postage stickers in this way. Anyway, hooray for Batman stamps!

(Be sure to go over here for an IMPORTANT UPDATE to this article!)


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