Sunday, December 08, 2013

Jack Kirby's OMAC via Keith Giffen

Back in the 1970s, Keith Giffen drew a string of Kamandi issues after Jack Kirby left the title and some of those issues were inked by Mike Royer. I remember liking that artwork as it was published and I have always wanted to own one of those Giffen/Royer pages.

No luck yet.

But after all these decades I'm getting impatient so I've gone ahead and bought a sort-of substitute while I continue my hope for one of the Kamandi pages. Above you can see a Keith Giffen OMAC page I have purchased. This is the New 52 version and yes, OMAC is tussling with the (sniff) New 52 version of Superman. (I am by the way very, very impressed with the line quality of inker Scott Koblish on this artwork.)

I decided while writing the preceding paragraphs to look up exactly how many of those 1970s Kamandi issues were drawn by the Giffen/Royer team, and the answer surprised me. One! One issue! Kamandi #44 from August 1976 was the one and only, and just eleven pages were devoted to the Kamandi story because there was a Tales of the Great Disaster backup. This accounts for why I've had such difficulty finding one of those pages, but I will keep looking.

That's the fun of collecting.


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