Friday, November 08, 2013

Camp Kirby

Last week's episode of Arrow referred to a location named Camp Kirby in the Arrow universe. This is not nearly as monumental as when the climax of an entire season of Heroes took place in the location called Kirby Plaza (as I first mentioned back here) but I do like to point out any reference to Jack Kirby, however slight.

You might be interested in taking a look at Outhousers, a website that every week points out connections between the DC universe and the Arrow universe as glimpsed through the week's episode of Arrow. (Last week the boys pointed out that Lyla Michaels, a character on Arrow, goes on to become Harbinger in the DC universe; that definitely slipped right past me.) You can see if anything slipped past you over at Outhousers.

By the way, an anonymous writer on twitter has made an interesting observation. Green Arrow certainly uses a quiver to house his arrows, and look at the name Oliver Queen. I find no annotation anywhere of the etymology of the name "Oliver Queen" but I do definitely believe that Mort Weisinger would have engaged in this type of letter rearrangement when he created the character in 1941. Bravo, twitter chap!


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