Saturday, August 17, 2013

They Remembered Vince Colletta This Time

I received my hardcover edition of In the Days of the Mob this week and I'm happy to be able to report some good news. The page of creators' biographies has entries for Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta and Mike Royer.

You might remember that I raised a ruckus last year when the hardcover of Spirit World was released but the biography page made no mention of inker Colletta. Whether my tweet to the Reprint Editions Editor had anything to do with the oversight not being repeated in this sister book is beyond my knowing, but I am glad about the improvement. (Maybe newer editions of the Spirit World volume will likewise correct their original exclusion of Mr. Colletta?)

By the way, I wonder if you are as amazed as I am that these two hardcovers have both been published with the covers unchanged from how they appeared on their respective magazines back in 1971. So often the youngsters will have a "better idea" on how to "improve" things, and I think it's great that Mr. Kirby's classic designs made it through the editorial gauntlet unscathed.

Also by the way, my favorite parts of both of these books are the Mike Royer-inked addenda pages that were meant for the never-published second issues of the magazines. Beautiful!


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